dental website findability

Is your site findable?

Do you have a website, but are not getting the response that you expected or were promised? Here are 6 things to look for in your site that might be keeping it from being the best it can be.

  1. Can you find you? Dentist(s)/Practice Name

Go to google and type in your name, then try your office, then the name of your city or neighborhood. Now try your name with your city, or your office with your neighborhood.

As you probably have heard by now, keywords are how searchers find your practice on the Internet. If you've tried any online marketing, especially Pay Per Click (PPC), you know that popular keywords can be quite expensive.

If you don't even rank for your name, we can help you. We'll put your doctor(s) name(s) and your practice name on every page of your site. This is the lowest hanging fruit in the industry. When a prospective patient asks the Internet for you by name, they'll be able to book you.

  1. Title Tags

Click through your site, paying attention only to the words that display at the top of your browser window.

This exercise will give you an idea about how prospective patients will see your website from a search engine. All those blue links on Google are title tags from the target website, and we can use that to your advantage. Your practice name and the topic of the page should be in the title, at a minimum. Extra points for including your city or neighborhood. You can include keywords also, general like dentist or dental, and specific like cosmetic, sedation, or pediatric.

If your title tags are lacking a little lustre, we can help. We'll craft your title tags to let searchers know what they'll get when they click.

  1. Description META Tag

Find a Google listing for your website. Look at the text below the blue link. You'll see one of two things: a snippet produced by Google, or a crafted description of the page's contents.

META tags were created as a consistent manner to tell search engines what content would be on a page. Due to severe misuse of these tags, they are no longer used to determine the relevance of webpages.

If you have no description tags, we recommend adding them. Having a concise message to represent your page's content to someone who finds you on a search engine only adds to the professionalism of your site.

Admittedly, there are times when leaving the description tag off can benefit your site. If your site is one of those cases, we'll discover the right answer for your situation.

  1. Address and Phone Number

Can you find your address or phone number on Google? Yahoo? MSN?

Having contact information available through the search engines is lets the search-savvy in your market find you using the tools they already use. The best part is that getting listed is basically free; all it takes is to put it in the right places.

If your contact information is not findable, we can help. First, we'd make sure that your contact page includes your address, email, and phone number. If you're into being listed, we could add you to Yahoo Directories and DMOZ. We could also add your information to Google Local Maps and Yahoo local.

  1. All Flash?

Is the whole page in Flash? Is the whole website in Flash?

Search engines' spiders can't look inside of flash files to read keywords.

When we encounter flash invisibility, we recommend a hybrid website. Using part flash and part html, you can retain visual impact while providing access to spiders and non-visual browsers.

  1. Too Much Content?

Look at the page. Did your eye move across the page easily?

Content is king, but sometimes usability, or readability, can be forgotten. For your patients, this means they spend more time trying to figure out what you're saying than they spend calling you. For search engines, this means that you're diluting the information by having it everywhere.

If content dilution is a problem, we recommend an information restructuring. We use principles of Information Architecture to reorganize the valuable content on your site.

How findable is your website?

Well, is your site (and through it, your practice) findable? If your website passes all six of these criteria, call your web developer and thank them; they're doing you a valuable service. If not, why not sign up for our six-month findability plan? You can reach us by phone at 208-890-5437, or by email at