dental photography

photography research and custom photoshoots

We recommend our clients invest in a set of photos that have a consistent look and feel to them, further unifying your visual brand. These photos can then be used both in print and on the web. You can choose to have a custom photoshoot onsite at your practice when you need the very best. You can choose a photodisc from one of many stock photography houses when you want great photos but don't have the time for a photoshoot. You can buy photos a la carte from the likes of Veer and Corbis. Once a selection has been made, we'll send a copy to you, and keep a copy for use on your projects.

If you're not ready to invest in a re-usable set of photography just yet, that's no problem. We can purchase images a la carte from stock houses like for your deliverable.

If we're not in your neck of the woods, you can hire a photographer in your area. We can work with them to get the shots we'll need for your deliverables